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Shrimp a la diabla from El Oasis Mariscos: You can’t miss them!

camarones a la diabla el oasis mariscos

Shrimp are undoubtedly the favorite dish of many, but when we add the spicy flavor that characterizes us to those delicacies of the sea, it becomes an irresistible meal for Mexicans, tourists and everyone who likes Caribbean cuisine.

Shrimp a la diabla, being one of the main dishes of Mexican cuisine, it is important that you look for the right place to eat them and experience these flavors as it should.

Where to live the true experience of eating shrimp a la diabla? 

We are sure that the best place to try this delicious dish is El Oasis Mariscos.

We are a chain of restaurants with a privileged location, you can find us in the beautiful tourist destinations of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Those who have already come to El Oasis Mariscos, consider us experts making food and providing unique days, since we have more than 19 years of experience satisfying the palate of thousands of diners.

 Know our exact location:

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Something that distinguishes us from other restaurants is the quality that we put into each dish, from the 100% fresh ingredients to the excellent Chefs who work with us to bring first-rate dishes to your table.

To encourage you to come, we are going to tell you a little about one of the Chef’s recommendations, the shrimp a la diabla from El Oasis Mariscos:

If you are a lover of shrimp and spicy, this is a dish that you cannot miss. The meticulous preparation of this dish will captivate all your senses; It consists of carefully sautéing them over a delicious and spicy sauce made from chipotle chili, guajillo chili, garlic, tomatoes, butter and salt. Resulting in an excellent dish for those people who are passionate about spicy sensations, unique flavors and irresistible smells.

In addition, at El Oasis Mariscos, we take this dish to another level, accompanying it with white rice, grated vegetables and mashed potatoes, which provide a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

To live the full experience, we recommend accompanying these delicacies with a cold beer.

Remember that we also have a wide variety of irresistible fish and seafood specialties; Furthermore, we are sure that the warmth of our service will make you fall in love. For us you are more than a simple diner, once you enter, you become part of the great family of El Oasis Mariscos.

Don’t waste any more time and BOOK NOW !: 

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