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Day of the Dead: Live a beautiful Mexican tradition at El Oasis Mariscos

dia de muertos en cancun

Mexico is characterized by its beautiful traditions, moments that we share with other Mexicans to commemorate special days that have marked our history.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important for everyone is the Day of the Dead, in which our beloved deceased are honored.

This festival is so great in our country that every year thousands of people come from all over the world to see how Mexicans celebrate our dead, since in most cities in the region, a series is held of festivals, parades and ceremonies, alluding to this beautiful tradition.

How is the day of the dead celebrated?

On the first of November we celebrated the deceased children from all over Mexico; while the second, we celebrate the adults, and both leave at 12 AM the next day. The dead come to visit their family and friends every year, with the aim of spending one more moment with those of us who are still here and enjoying their greatest pleasures. That is why, as a thank you, we follow a series of traditions to pamper our loved ones.

Day of the Dead traditions.


To best receive our deceased loved ones, we have the task and honor to pamper our relatives as they would have liked the most; with beautiful flower-filled offerings and family portraits, including your favorite foods, drinks and belongings. In such a way that the deaths come to earth once again to enjoy what they loved the most and in good company.

Visit the pantheons.

When we visit our loved ones in the respective pantheons where they were buried, as well as in the offerings, it is a tradition to make a small altar in their tomb, full of beautiful flowers, food, drinks and objects of value for the deceased.

Cempasúchil flowers.

During this time, all of Mexico dresses with this beautiful flower and the streets are painted a beautiful yellow that represents that the dead come back to life to be with their families. In addition, it is the plant that is used to decorate the altars and pantheons of each deceased, giving a touch of life to each offering.

The catrinas.

One of the most iconic ways of representing the dead in Mexico is through the elegant catrinas. At this time of year, thousands of representations of this are made, in all possible shapes and colors, it is one of the most commemorative traditions of the Day of the Dead, where thousands of Mexicans let their creativity fly to represent their deceased from a original and meaningful way.

Day of the Dead food.

Mexicans always take advantage of any date to prepare the delicious dishes that characterize us so much and thus enjoy a good meal. On the Day of the Dead, in addition to the typical bread of the dead and the sugar skulls that are distributed throughout the country, families prepare a great variety of traditional dishes for these days. In such a way that we can have a good time with the family and give our loved ones a taste of our gastronomy, which many times are the ones who inherit the recipes to continue with the legacy of typical dishes.

Enjoy the Day of the Dead at El Oasis Mariscos

Given the current situation of Covid-19, at El Oasis Mariscos the appropriate sanitary measures are being taken so that you can live a complete experience in a healthy and safe environment.

We guarantee you to enjoy the Day of the Dead as a true Mexican would, we are the ideal place to experience all the characteristics of this beautiful Mexican tradition.

We will have original decoration of the Day of the Dead, our altar is essential for those who want to know what a good offering really looks like.

Also, you cannot miss our catrina contest, we know that these figures are an icon of our beautiful tradition, that is why all our guests will be able to participate in a contest, where we will reward the most original and significant catrina.

Find your nearest branch to participate !:

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Don’t forget the best of the food! The Oasis Mariscos brings you an exclusive dish for these dates, come and try our delicious mucbipollo, a delicious tamale that will delight all your senses.

Learn more about our delicious menu !:

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Whether you are Mexican or not, you have to experience the Day of the Dead at El Oasis Mariscos! Come with your family or friends to live the most emblematic Mexican tradition in Mexico, hand in hand with delicious dishes we will delight your palate and have an unforgettable night.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend this day with us! Reserve your table today:

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