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El Oasis Mariscos from the hand of women against breast cancer

mujeres contra el cancer de mama

El Oasis Mariscos ® also joins the fight against breast cancer, providing valuable information to prevent and be aware of this disease.

It is extremely important to be informed about breast cancer and to know the signs of a possible case, in addition to performing frequent check-ups and either ruling out said condition or being able to face adversities in time and have greater success in the face of such disease.

Unfortunately in Mexico, breast cancer strikes a large number of women and is one of the main causes of death. According to INEGI data, approximately 200,000 cases are diagnosed each year, of which 86,000 die.

However, a high percentage of cases can be preventable and diagnosed in time to face this terrible disease and have a greater probability of fighting it and getting ahead. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to encourage the habit of general and constant health check-ups.

It is essential to consult a specialist doctor before any alteration of the organism or doubt, however, some symptoms that could appear and that are indicative of a possible case of breast cancer, are the following.

  • Lumps in or around the breast area.
  • Irregular increase in breast size
  • Irritation or drastic changes in the color of the nipple
  • Secretions from the nipple
  • Pain in the areas near the breast or in the breast

If you present any of these symptoms, you can perform a self-examination and later visit a doctor to indicate some of these changes in your body and offer you an accurate diagnosis.

Get the complete information on the IMSS recommendations for monthly self-examination here: 

At El Oasis Mariscos ® we paint ourselves pink because we know that unity is strength!

This October is very pink and full of hope. We are clear that women need strength to combat these adversities, that is why we offer all our support to get ahead of this. At El Oasis Mariscos ® we wait for you with open arms, we offer you a warm and homely treatment so that we can all enjoy a beautiful experience.

Also this month we bring you a delicious Cheesecake to commemorate the sweetness of Mexican women and a delicious pink shrimp cocktail prepared with the freshest seafood from the Caribbean. You can’t miss them! 

If you are in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, we are sure that with us you will spend the best moments with your family or friends, accompanied by the best 100% fresh and healthy seafood, because for us you are part of El Oasis Mariscos and your well-being is our priority.

Do you want to know the exact location of our branches ?:

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Remember that together we are better, come and live unforgettable experiences with your loved ones and take home a good taste in your mouth and a nice memory.

What are you waiting to reserve your place?!:

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