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Something that characterizes us as Mexicans are tacos, a historical dish with hundreds of variants and combinations that every day delights the palate of many, both citizens and tourists, who travel miles just to try this delicacy of Mexican cuisine, since it is such a culinary experience eating this dish.

 On this occasion, we are particularly going to talk about the favorite tacos of many, those with shrimp and seafood. A perfect combination of land and sea, which when joined together cause an explosion of flavor.

 If you are looking for the perfect place to try these delicacies, we invite you to El Oasis Mariscos.

 We have more than 19 years of experience and experience serving the best seafood and fish dishes, brought from the sea to the comfort of your table 100% fresh. Our service is first class, the freshness and warmth of our treatment is a key point for you to have an unforgettable experience.

 Now, it’s time to talk about some of the Chef’s recommendations and the favorite dish of many, the delicious shrimp, fish and seafood tacos:

Governor shrimp or lobster tacos: Definetely one of the most important and loved by many; chunks of shrimp or lobster sautéed and subtly seasoned with garlic, onion, bell pepper or poblano pepper and accompanied by a delicious layer of gratin cheese that gives texture and a special flavor. Presented in flour tortillas, with its inevitable coleslaw and guacamole. The combination of all these ingredients is an elixir for any Mexican, we are sure that you will fall in love with the Gobernador Tacos.

Tuna carnitas taco: One of the finest and freshest pieces from the sea directly to your table; pieces of confit tuna loin of a golden color and a crunchy texture. Presented in corn tortillas on a layer of guacamole, decorated and seasoned with tanned purple onion.

Shrimp tacos in pork rind crust: A dish that gives the freshness of the sea on your palate; It consists of shrimp breaded with pork rinds mounted in jicama tortillas and decorated with cucumber, carrot and coriander sprouts. Accompanied with a delicious passion fruit sauce.

 Grilled tuna taco: If you like spicy this is the perfect taco for you; chunks of tuna loin mounted on corn tortillas, accompanied by marinated red onion and serrano pepper toreado.

And if you are a much more traditional person but a lover of seafood, we have these options also prepared with fresh ingredients and of premium quality. Our Chefs give the best of them in each dish, so that your experience is memorable and delight your palate with these delicacies:

Fish taco: Pieces of overflowing fish fillet mounted in a corn tortilla with mayonnaise and Mexican sauce.

Shrimp taco: Overflowing shrimp mounted on a corn tortilla with mayonnaise and Mexican sauce.

Taco de jaiba: Crab stew mounted on a corn tortilla.

Marlin taco: Smoked marlin stew mounted on a corn tortilla.

Get to know our seafood specialties!:

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Now that you know that we are the best option for you and your family, visit us and let yourself be captivated by our delicious seasoning and a special treatment that will make you feel at home. At El Oasis Mariscos we want your experience to be unforgettable and return home satisfied and with a smile.

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