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Seafood and Fish: An excellent option to prevent and fight diabetes


An excellent option to prevent and fight diabetes!

Unfortunately in Mexico, diabetes is a problem that kills more than 130,000 thousand people a year, and the reality is that this number is constantly growing due to the lifestyle of Mexicans. Obesity and hypertension are one of the main causes for developing this disease. Having a good diet is a key factor to prevent against this. Or, if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, you can take into account certain factors to take care of yourself and fight the disease in the best way.

What can a diabetic eat?

Without a doubt, fish and shellfish are some of the best foods that a diabetic can include in their diet. The benefits that these have mainly help to combat most of the problems that people with this disease develop.

First of all, most fish have a meat that is low in carbohydrates and high in healthy protein, which is important for taking care of hypertension and diabetes as well.

In addition, the fat in fish has a high percentage of omega 3 fatty acids. Nutrients that help in the reduction of bad cholesterol and the increase of good cholesterol. It should be mentioned that this property also acts as a regulator of blood flow, reducing blood pressure and therefore taking care of the proper functioning of the heart.

 Other reasons why fish is one of the best foods for a diabetic: 

– Helps regulate blood glucose.

– Considerably reduces cardiovascular problems.

– It is a rich source of proteins and minerals.

– Combat the nerve damage that diabetes brings.

Do you want to know where to enjoy these benefits and take care of your health?

Visit El Oasis Mariscos! We are a fish and seafood restaurant located in Quintana Roo, dedicated to serving quality dishes and providing a good environment to share with the family. We take care of the quality of our ingredients, so that your culinary experience is unique.

Each of our dishes are prepared by the best Chefs in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Come and discover the widest and richest menu of Caribbean gastronomy. Get to know some of our specialties:

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Since you know all the benefits that fish and shellfish have against diabetes, come and visit our restaurant and start eating a healthy diet with us.

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